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"♥agneta i love you!♥"

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  • Camera Whore

    npe hun a ws gna too bt like am nt enymre :D
    lv u xx

  • Stacey Feckin Scott

    How longs she had it for? Have you had it back since mid-summer? Was wonderin if you could do me a favour sometime, smack that bitch up! lol whata dick. Any idea when you'll be gettin it back? Probly never seein as we're all "conspiring against her" n all that bullshit lol guh, that woman *shakes head* needs a good sortin out. And obviously can't deal with hearin the truth.
    Hows everything in general? School n the misses n all goin alright? Doubt ye needta take it easy with the drinkin, it is understandable in your situation like, but everything in moderation is alright, just don't overdo it y'no?

  • . TAmmie-Jo

    u said....
    wat is up wif it !

    u on bout me lmao !!!!!


    and josh ohh ritttee

  • I Love You More WithEachpassingday

    fa really bore


  • Georgina

    u wod need to start sending some of the red or i will not give ya no more, lmao

  • . TAmmie-Jo

    lmao !!!!!!!

    IT !!!!! U BEETTTER NOT BE ON ABOUT ME !!!!!!!
    WDF LMAO!!!!
    and i say oohh riittee all the time lmfao.!.!.!
    nighty nigght !!!!!

    Bb x

  • Shiryl

    fafa jus drinkin ll dats ok u beta xox

  • . TAmmie-Jo

    wat wee convo !!!!

    lmao u wer da 1 dat just said lol !! dat is so0o0o annoying lmao

    and i meant da say lmao !!!

    Bb x

  • . TAmmie-Jo


  • Wee DuCk

    last love m8

  • Shiryl

    Hiya wee cuz eres sum lv 4 ye. Wuu2 xox

  • . TAmmie-Jo

    o ritte lmao

  • Fresh Teen Clubbing

    yes m8, not a problemm :D

    keep er hardstyle :P

  • Camera Whore

    nope u ob dnt memba ahh well hu cares nt u ob :/
    n idc u alredi know i dnt trust u :/
    big deal
    dunno probably will il txt ur mum if i do :)

  • Camera Whore

    dts nt wt u said on tammies bebo? :/
    y lie?
    n u shud know
    bt u ob dnt memba or sumfin :/

  • Camera Whore

    hmm ddnt know u were drinking all week dnt fnk i want to go ot enymre , u make me feel wonderfull u know :/

  • . TAmmie-Jo

    awwk datz gdgd den ull ave a break frm drinking lmao
    no ur safe i dont love u !!! just in a mate way !!!!

    omg u r so big headed lmfao !!!!!!!!

  • Camera Whore

    no am act worried lik :/
    n if u drinking den dnt cum ot wf us :/
    n i hv to kill u for giving love to anna instead of me :/
    dts y u nt getting eny

  • Camera Whore

    ewwww u ob been drinking :/
    maybe u shudnt bother cumin ot wf us today seeing as u goin to drink
    (l) sorri u nt gettin enylv :/ (l)
    PS wtf y s thomas giving u love :O
    am getting worried!

  • . TAmmie-Jo

    im not lmao !!!!!
    for being an alcho LMFAO!!!
    BEING SICK ALL OVER DA PLACE JOSH !!! haaahhaaahaaaahaaaa
    wat u on bout it is for me but not so sure bout you !!!! wat lmao

    u drinkin da nyt again lmao !!!!!


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