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HardShuffle N.I
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  • from UK
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

♥agneta i love you!♥
Me, Myself, and I
no1 looks at this so im not sure wat to write. . .
well am josh scott ;P
hardshuffle and hardjump,dont know what it is?
go da garvey 3rd year (shit!!)
lovin the weekends tbh
i hate ppl that act hard wen there not
taken sorry girlz
♥♥♥♥lvin agneta,shes better than the girl of my dreams. .<3♥♥♥♥
need sum love n comments people!!!! >(L)< >blah blah<

d(~_~)b = d( >_<")b
headhunterz, angerfist, abject,
 qlimax pretty much anythin wit a headache bassline to it
greenstreet one and two fuckin great!!
not into sports but play rugby and football for the school, parkour, free runnin, hardshuffle and hardjump in my free time when i can be fucked
Scared Of
nothin danger dosnt apply to me but i think that could be my downfall in the future. . .?
Happiest When
with my agneta :) ♥♥
the weekend begins n am wif the lads :P

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Brand New HARDSTYLE gonzo's Remix :D enjoy SHUFFLE SONGS :D

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  • Camera Whore
    luv Camera Whore

    npe hun a ws gna too bt like am nt enymre :D
    lv u xx

    3 hours ago
  • Stacey Feckin Scott
    luv Stacey Feckin Scott

    How longs she had it for? Have you had it back since mid-summer? Was wonderin if you could do me a favour sometime, smack that bitch up! lol whata dick. Any idea when you'll be gettin it back? Probly never seein as we're all "conspiring against her" n all that bullshit lol guh, that woman *shakes head* needs a good sortin out. And obviously can't deal with hearin the truth.
    Hows everything in general? School n the misses n all goin alright? Doubt ye needta take it easy with the drinkin, it is understandable in your situation like, but everything in moderation is alright, just don't overdo it y'no?

    3 hours ago
  • . TAmmie-Jo
    . TAmmie-Jo

    u said....
    wat is up wif it !

    u on bout me lmao !!!!!


    and josh ohh ritttee

    3 hours ago
  • I Love You More WithEachpassingday
    luv I Love You More WithEachpassingday

    fa really bore


    6 hours ago
  • Georgina
    luv Georgina

    u wod need to start sending some of the red or i will not give ya no more, lmao

    7 hours ago Edit | Delete
  • . TAmmie-Jo
    . TAmmie-Jo

    lmao !!!!!!!

    IT !!!!! U BEETTTER NOT BE ON ABOUT ME !!!!!!!
    WDF LMAO!!!!
    and i say oohh riittee all the time lmfao.!.!.!
    nighty nigght !!!!!

    Bb x

    23 hours ago
  • Shiryl

    fafa jus drinkin ll dats ok u beta xox

    23 hours ago
  • . TAmmie-Jo
    . TAmmie-Jo

    wat wee convo !!!!

    lmao u wer da 1 dat just said lol !! dat is so0o0o annoying lmao

    and i meant da say lmao !!!

    Bb x

    1 day ago
  • . TAmmie-Jo 1 day ago
  • Wee DuCk
    luv Wee DuCk

    last love m8

    1 day ago
  • Shiryl
    luv Shiryl

    Hiya wee cuz eres sum lv 4 ye. Wuu2 xox

    1 day ago via Mobile
  • . TAmmie-Jo
    . TAmmie-Jo

    o ritte lmao

    1 day ago
  • Fresh Teen Clubbing
    luv Fresh Teen Clubbing

    yes m8, not a problemm :D

    keep er hardstyle :P

    1 day ago
  • Camera Whore
    Camera Whore

    nope u ob dnt memba ahh well hu cares nt u ob :/
    n idc u alredi know i dnt trust u :/
    big deal
    dunno probably will il txt ur mum if i do :)

    1 day ago
  • Camera Whore
    Camera Whore

    dts nt wt u said on tammies bebo? :/
    y lie?
    n u shud know
    bt u ob dnt memba or sumfin :/

    1 day ago
  • Camera Whore
    Camera Whore

    hmm ddnt know u were drinking all week dnt fnk i want to go ot enymre , u make me feel wonderfull u know :/

    1 day ago
  • . TAmmie-Jo
    . TAmmie-Jo

    awwk datz gdgd den ull ave a break frm drinking lmao
    no ur safe i dont love u !!! just in a mate way !!!!

    omg u r so big headed lmfao !!!!!!!!

    1 day ago
  • Camera Whore
    Camera Whore

    no am act worried lik :/
    n if u drinking den dnt cum ot wf us :/
    n i hv to kill u for giving love to anna instead of me :/
    dts y u nt getting eny

    1 day ago
  • Camera Whore
    Camera Whore

    ewwww u ob been drinking :/
    maybe u shudnt bother cumin ot wf us today seeing as u goin to drink
    (l) sorri u nt gettin enylv :/ (l)
    PS wtf y s thomas giving u love :O
    am getting worried!

    1 day ago
  • . TAmmie-Jo
    . TAmmie-Jo

    im not lmao !!!!!
    for being an alcho LMFAO!!!
    BEING SICK ALL OVER DA PLACE JOSH !!! haaahhaaahaaaahaaaa
    wat u on bout it is for me but not so sure bout you !!!! wat lmao

    u drinkin da nyt again lmao !!!!!


    1 day ago
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