Kimberley Johnston also commented on Angela Murray's status. From: Facebook ( Sent: 27 September 2009 18:58:24 To: Josh Scott ( Kimberley Johnston also commented on Angela Murray's status: "right and u no that cud mean care? if u stay with family her side, she'll still have control ect..." Kimberley Johnston also commented on Angela Murray's status. From: Facebook ( Sent: 25 September 2009 17:27:28 To: Josh Scott ( Kimberley Johnston also commented on Angela Murray's status: "Josh...I've just got on here after ages....I'm so sorry and I know exactly what you are going through....just remember that we've all been though it. Concentrate on your school..I hate you bein this upset. Dont ever be sorry and remember that there is life after that waste of space. She will be on her own with no one by the time shes 50 years old...poppin her pills and smokin herself out, you have your whole life ahead of you....I know you cant see that far now but you will get away and be able to do what you want when you want. None of us will be there for her. I will get on to that crowd I emailed you about. I just need to know what you want. I know you want to stay in Lisburn to be near your GF isnt that right. If I were able to do what ever you wanted right now....what would it be??....if I can get direction from you....I'll try one should be living like you are. Pick up the phone and call me 028 686 28503 anytime you get upset again....whats your house number??" Kimberley Johnston sent you a message on Facebook... From: Facebook ( Sent: 25 September 2009 17:06:23 To: Josh Scott ( Kimberley sent you a message. Re: hey "hey Joshie...sorry havnt bin on in a while. I was on with ss today and the case has transferred from Omagh to Lisburn. A lady called Joan Brolley has it so I'm waiting to speak to her. I hope to get them to intervene so she start crappin herself and stops torturing yous....this means that you stay in lisburn close to your friends and Girlfriend, you are still living with her but she should be easier got on with. This is the only way I can see you stayin in the same place as your GF ect. If I could do absolutly anything....what would you like me to do?" To reply to this message, follow the link below: Remember Me Forgotten your password? Sign UpFacebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. You have 67 Windows Live contacts on Facebook that you can add as your friends. Sign up to connect with them.You can also try another email account to find more friends. Friends on Facebook Zoe Brooks Alex Carswell Dagmara Kazimierczuk Jason Willis Deam Mc Williams Natalia Podkarczemna LaRhetta Stephine May Andy Todd Kenny Smith Lauren Mcneill Nicole Clarke Kerri-Lee Audley Tony Barton Linzi Mcconnell Kirsty Waters Maeve Lavery Julie-Anne Elwood Laurel-Wynter McNamee Demi Blades Kyle Mc Gowan Stewart Griffin Naomi Smith Willy Mehaffy Niamh Lenaghan Patricia Mills Sophie Jane Buckle Lisnasharragh High School 2012 Stacey Scott Rio Willmott Letitia Scott Catherine Moore Laura Palmtree Billie-Jean Welch Chris Taylor Luke Anthony Duggan Sam Johnston Jenna Cree Glenn McCutcheon Joseph Mcilwaine Leia Cairns Northern Ireland Josh Graham Danielle Gee Alex Lightfoot Northern Ireland Neal Archer Chloe Craig Emma Carson Aberdeen Zoe Graham Kirsty Gervin Hannaa McCutcheon Collegiate Grammar School 2012 Corrie Donaghy Rebecca Mcconnell Agneta Farinaite Charles Knox Katrina Mullan Stacey Murdough Shiryl Scott Rachel Mc Alernon William Smith Laura McCusker Lee Mc Mahon Alex Laurenn Castledown School 2009 Germany Vickie Murray Matthew Mcconnell Josh Graham Jamie-lee Moorehead Vicky King Daniel McCallum Chloe Gorman