Camera Whore

I jst h8 my world , dnt u ? =/ ILY J.S :)

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Camera Whore
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About Me

I am KRRRAZZY with a kapital K n extra R n Z's jst 2 keep the madness!♥ Josh I Love You ♥
Me, Myself, and I
««««« Random Me!!!«««««

Work in UNO'S n damn happy bot dat :)

. . . DEN!!!

Hey im Agneta :)

From Lithuania

Lived in Spain 5 years...:D

15 years old!:P

Live in Lisburn :D

Go to Garvey :)

Have an Mexican Pitbull n love him to much

o_O I am seriously CRQZY!! n i LOve it!!!o_O

:D :) :P
/█\ /█\ /█\
.Π. .Π. .Π.


Some Say the world will end in fire
Some Say in ice
From what I've tasted of desires
I hold with those who favour fire
But if i had to perish twice
I think i know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice
The Other Half Of Me
Twiztid Tisha

Twiztid Tisha

♥Tish♥My Sexy Wee Fat Rat♥

Things am interested in:
Well lets start wif da fact dat i want to be a lawyer n damn ryt a gona b 1 hehehe emm am realy interested in random art n i lv drawing i admit am good in art :D am interested in music n i love greek history and egyptology :D n jst in random stuff
♥♥♥♥Josh Scott ♥♥♥♥
I love him , i hv no idea wt da hell happened btwn us at da end of da summer bt fngs r cumin bk again da sme way dey were n am happy again , I Love You no meter wat , u hv all my ♥ x x x x
Private jokes by me n Tisha :
1.Don't laugh
3.Donkey ears n chinese eyes
4.Baby Panda
5.Fat rat
7.Tisha honey?
8.Rape , Rape , Rape , Rape . . . !!!!!
9.Rowr am an ectagon moster grrr!
10.Bit on the side
11.Tisha lets go to the dark alley
12.Doritos chilli big big bag
13.Goy munchies
Lvd ppl . . .
Tish : She is my twin like she reali is :D Chloe:WEll wt cn i say?i suppose she always listens to my problems n usually understands dem :) I jst lv er :D Tammy-Jo : ROWR!!!:D Ashley a.k.a Jack Vegas<i/>: well e s da best listener ever , e usually cheers me up n allways listens to my problems , n nw e s goin to da army :( bt e s still my best ever listener :D u know dt dnt cha? ;)
. . . mre lvd ppl . . .
Neringa:Well s neringa , no words for er , she knows wt i mean ;) Vito:Atm i hv nfin to say bot him tbh Kasia n patii 2 of The funniest girls i know XD dey r jst AWSUM!Oh n Kasia?U r mine n neringas peronal fotografer ya know? Robert:Well wt cn i say?e s jst awsum my nipples guy
. . . sum mre lvd ppl . . .
Padii, Davii : Well wt can i say?!The Perfect Couple i lv bein wf dem 2 XD :P Davii dat wsnt josh :D Paddii:We gt hyper on KitKat hehehe n run away from da boys xD n now da SUNFLOWER SEEDS rule!!!OH YEAH we also hv trees called wf our names( . . . DEN )

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    7. Describe me in 3 words?
    8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
    9. What was ur first impression of me?
    10. Do u still think the same?
    11.. What reminds u of me?
    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    13. How well do u know me?
    14. What do u like best about me?
    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    16. Could you ever love me?
    17. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    19.Anything 2 say b4 u go?

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Mrs. Teletubbie commented on Camera Whore's photo.
  2 hours ago
"Hahahaha , Well i live in dee bush ;) lmao . xx"
Camera Whore commented on her photo.
  4 hours ago
"hahaha guys guys dnt fyt over the bush :D every1 loves da bush dnt we neringa? ;) damn i remember dat day davi gt pissed of at me :( sorry davii"
Camera Whore is friends with <MelissaM9003>.
  4 hours ago
Davii commented on Camera Whore's photo.
  13 hours ago
"I doo Love Da bush ONLY with Padii and always only with her "
HardShuffle N.I commented on Camera Whore's photo.
  23 hours ago
"no itz not!!!!!n am damn sure i dont!!!DunnO abOut davii Tho :P :L "
Mrs. Teletubbie commented on Camera Whore's photo.
  1 day ago
"Dat is an AWSUMEE pic . n dey both luv dee bush :L :L "
Camera Whore took What kinda girl are you Take Quiz
  1 day ago

Camera Whore's result is emo

close 11 Layers of Me

11 Layers Of Me

Layer One: On the Outside
Full Name: Agneta
Birthday: 21st july
Current Location: Lisburn
Eye Color: blue/green/grey
Hair Color: dirty blond
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: cancer
Layer Two: On the Inside
Your Strengths: very argumentative
Your Fears: losing close ppl n being betrayed
Your Weaknesses: dnt fnk i hv 1 :/
Ambition in life: 2 b a lawyer
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: god nt again?
Your bedtime: dnt hv 1
Your most missed memory: my childhod all of it
Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald: burger king
Single or Group dates: both
Adidas or Nike: nike
Lipton Tea or Nestea: nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: hot coffe
Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: no
Have a current crush: yh
Think you: yh
Want to get married: depends
Believe in yourself: sumtyms
Think you: noway
Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: npe
Gone to the mall: yep
Eaten Sushi: eww no
Gone skating: nope
Dyed your hair: noway
Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
Played a stripping game: yh :/
Gotten beaten up: probably
Changed who you were to fit in: no
Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you are hoping to be married: 25?
Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: dm reli bt brown?
Best Hair Color: dsnt metter
Short or Long Hair: dm
Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 Minute Ago: chatin on msn
1 Hour Ago: chatin on msn
1 Day Ago: cnt memba
1 Year Ago: reli cnt memba
Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: chocolate
I Feel: sad
I Hate: fish?
I Hide: my feelings
I Miss: my dad
I Need: a hug from a friend

close Bored?

1.Whats your name?

2.How old are you?

3.Are You single or taken?
taken atm

4.Do you have a crush on someone?
yep on Josh Scott (my bf)

5.How do you feel right now?

6.Do you brush your teeth every morning and night?
duh ofcourse!

7.Are you a happy person?
happy AND crazy

8. wink face or  angry face or  <-- that face?
atm all of them

9. cooool face or  ninja? :D
usually cool bt nw feel lik a ninja

10.Have you got msn? =p~
of course!

11. Whats your favourite songg?
oh i dnt have 1 :S

12. christmas or new year?

13. Halloweeen or St patricks day ?
Halloweeen Boooooooooooooooooo!

14. do you like lepricauns!?
lepi wat?

15. Do you believe in santa?
oh dat dude?nahh do u?

16. <-- whats your tribal war chant?
i dunno

17. do you talk alot?
hahah deffo

18. do you like star wars?
no jst da wee green man n da swords tun tun tuutnt tun

19. Do you consider yourself a nice person?

20. Do you work well in a team?
im nt sure

21. Kisses or hugs ?

22. Do you hate anyone?
yep mums bf

23.Pepsi or Coke?

24. Do you drink?
nt enymre am against it nw

25. Do you belive in {a} god?
yh budah!!!XD

26. Can you cook?

27. Pancakes or Easter Eggs?
easter eggs!!!

28. Want to get married?
am nt sure

29. PIRATE ;D! yaas lol
ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!ARHHH IM A PIRATE!!!

30. are you cool like him <-- :L
yep bt nt exactly lik him , hv my own style u know?

31. Vampires?  lol
OMG I WANt 2 b 1!!!!

32. want children?
dnt want to hv dem bt 1 to grow 1 XD

33.are you scared of clowns?

34. <-- whats that guy doing?
lik of u dnt know!!!

35. whats your favourite boook?
omg: Twilight series Marked betrayed ...n all them 1s Gangsta rap face etc...

36.Have you got a sick mind?
hahah gd question da answer is OFCOURSE!

37. Do you like Eygptions?
yeah!!i love it!

38.Ever fallen off a chair?
yep :S

39. tea or coffeee?

40. Do you think you would be a good king/queen?

41. whats the worst thing that you've ever done?
i did lots of dem...

42.Does it always rain on youuu ? (8]
not really bt i h8 rain

43.Last question .. did u injoy this quiz?
yep it ws very emm awsum

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Name :   agneta
Nick Name :   rubika
Birthdate :   21-07-94
Birthplace:   lethuenian
Current Location:   lisburn
Eye Color:   blue
Hair Color:   blond/brown
Height:   1,57
Weight:   dunno
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:   single
Food:   curry
Pub/Disc/Restaurant:   chinese
Candy:   chocolate
Number:   9
Color:   black
Animal:   tiger
Drink:   wkd
Body Part on Opposite sex:   eyes
Perfume:   so...?
TV Show:   music
Music Album:   2pac
Movie:   8mile,the 1 2pac isin
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:   coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing:   burgerking
Chocolate or Vanilla   chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:   hot chocolate
Kiss or Hug:   kiss
Dog or Cat:   dog
Rap or Punk:   rap!
Summer or Winter:   winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:   scary movies
Love or Money:   love
Bedtime:   dunno
Most Missed Memory:   friends in spain
Best phyiscal feature:   crazy!
First Thought Waking Up:   god another day!
Ambition:   basketball
Best Friends:   tish nd edna
Weakness:   dunno
Fears:   mums bf (he will eat me)
Longest relationship:   3months
Cheated Your Partner:   nope
Ever been beaten up:   a wee bit
Ever beaten someone up:   yh!
Ever Shoplifted:   yh...
Ever Skinny Dipped:   no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:   yes!
Been Dumped Lately:   yh
Favorite Eye Color:   all of them
Favorite Hair Color:   black
Short or Long:   short
Height:   dosent metter
Style:   gansgta
Looks or Personality:   both
Hot or Cute   both
Muscular or Really Skinny:   muscular
What country do you want to Visit:   egypt
How do you want to Die:   normal
Been to the Mall Lately:   yh
Get along with your Parents:   sometimes
Health Freak:   nope
Do you think your Attractive:   maybe
Believe in Yourself:   sometime
Want to go to College:   yh
Do you Smoke:   nope
Do you Drink:   sometime
Shower Daily:   yh
Been in Love:   yh
Do you Sing:   no
Want to get Married:   dunno
Do you want Children:   dunno
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:   dunno
Hate anyone:   yes
Get Your Own survey.....

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  • HardShuffle N.I
    luv HardShuffle N.I

    hey hun u cumin out today?

    9 hours ago
  • Kasia

    Sooo :D u no me ! :D :D
    dats so excitin :P Lol
    yehh : (( nd its killin me :P


    1 day ago
  • Wee DuCk
    luv Wee DuCk

    wat ya mean am a werido lol so hes oly givin love i give love to him lol
    whys is he worrin yuh??
    bmb hav sum red stuff

    1 day ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    'ok i dont'
    il just agree to stop u k?
    n yea it is a big deal wats a relationship without trust?
    kk np al b ready anytime
    am away c u later

    1 day ago
  • . TAmmie-Jo
    . TAmmie-Jo


    i would send yho0o0 love bt i have none left sorry \!!!!

    give yhoo sum damara !!!!!!!!
    i promise

    1 day ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    dat fing wif ur uncle or sum1 was smokin not drinkin?
    nd i didnt go into detail when i wrote tamie that. .
    am not liein ok?
    stop arguin. . .please?
    k so are we meetin up today?

    1 day ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    erm thats me?
    im not anymore
    nd it was only tuesday wedensday nd yday
    wait y doz that effect you?
    cheer up xxxx

    1 day ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I


    1 day ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    :O i was just returnin it!!!!
    dont get worried hun ur the only girl in my life i love :)
    but uve got paul aswell!!!!
    n worried about what?
    me n thomas?

    1 day ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    o fine then!y not?
    n no am not today am spendin time wif u
    nd cuz i told him to cuz i need more nd hes got no1 to give it to :L :L :L

    1 day ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    sum more love :)
    XOxlove youoxox

    2 days ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    luv HardShuffle N.I

    o just passin :O so you dont sign in just to give me love!?!?!?
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MORE!!!(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)
    more luv :)

    2 days ago
  • Kasia
    luv Kasia

    Sorry for nat textin bck but i av no credit :(
    dats faB btw :D cant wait till u gonna b im my class Yeoooo :) :D
    Love you xxxx

    2 days ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    luv HardShuffle N.I

    Luv You

    3 days ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    luv HardShuffle N.I

    u know i ly :)

    4 days ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    luv HardShuffle N.I

    haha 4got to give it to you :L :L

    4 days ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    last one :)

    4 days ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    HardShuffle N.I

    love <3<3<3ly<3<3<3

    4 days ago
  • HardShuffle N.I
    luv HardShuffle N.I

    signed in on mumz comp nd this works fine but mine still doznt :(
    well give you the love while i can :D
    ly xoxox

    4 days ago
  • Eddie
    luv Eddie

    hey :L

    1 week ago
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