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  • Jess

    Awk get better :D

    im okay, tired at the minute :]

    Are you able to come to fusion on wednesday ?

  • .S.M.

    heyah ... babee ... ere love ..
    want it retured now..

  • -Phiit'Matee-

    Hey BabeeyCakees.
    Nufink Much ,, Wbyy ?
    Cnt waiit Tiill Fusiionn On Saturdayy.
    Do Yhuu Go ?

    Lovee Returned

  • Laurie-Anne.

    Haha, well obviously, our wee talks are awesome. I miss them.

    :O Hiii mummy Maggie :) :)

    Haha, the lifeboat scene was FANTASTIC!! I loved it. It was so sad though especially because I broke 3 braclets during it.

    Haha, that is fine and dandy :D I wanna see them :)

    So, any craic with ye dude?

    Love joo xoxoxoxo

  • Demi

    nothin much..
    wbu ??

    miss ya babz..
    oh yeah.. c wen u can go on msn, send me a text so i can say hey LoLz...

  • .S.M.

    heyah.... chic xxx

  • HardShuffle N.I

    got bored so came back on :L :L :L
    nd em wat u mean i betta nopt be on about u!?!?!

  • HardShuffle N.I

    u just z o riite lmao!!
    datz annoin too!!
    dm lmfao
    sooooo. .. . .
    wat is up wit it?
    ahhh am bored gona go get a showa the sum food n bed
    bmb (al answer tomorow):L x

  • HardShuffle N.I

    what happend to our wee convo?:L

  • HardShuffle N.I


  • Fresh Teen Clubbing

    awwww, thankk youuu


  • HardShuffle N.I

    no am not!!!
    a was oj!!:L :L :L
    n ano i need it

  • Camera Whore

    josh yh dere s a problem
    i am starin to wonder if we gna lst 6 mnths . . . :/
    n tammie ere s sum lv 4 ya :D

  • HardShuffle N.I

    nah ave been drinkin al dis week nd yessterday too!!!
    am fucked now just gona spend sum time wit agneta today :)
    nd am sure i love you in a mate way but AM NOT SO SURE ABOUT YOU,as in what way you luv me :L :L :L :L :L oj
    awwwh poor you tell ur sis to clean it up :L
    am not an alcho!alcho's have drinking problems!i dont have a drinking problem!i drink,i get drunk,i fall over!no problem what-so-ever!:L :L ;P
    bmb x

  • HardShuffle N.I

    betta be oj!
    n what for!?!?!
    it is for me but not so sure about u :P :L :L :L :L oj
    bmb x

  • HardShuffle N.I

    WHAT!?!?!am not goin to rehab!!!!:O :L
    damn ry in a mate way ;P :L
    yea u do!!u told me u do!!!
    good good youre in mine to :D
    x<returnin it :L
    same for the luv. .

  • Anna C


  • HardShuffle N.I

    o so you dont love me!?!?:O :O :O :(
    (mate way)
    am drunk. . .
    you betta not ave swine flu!!!
    dont give it to me!!!:L
    i betta be in u top!
    cant find a chocoholic arrow sorz :P
    luv returned :)

  • Laurie-Anne.


    I'm really good thanks, and how are you my lovely?
    I know it really has! Though that will end soon as FUSION WEDNESDAY!!! (:

    I miss you sooo much, missing all our wee chats with yer mumma bear. :L
    I HAVE INDEED! I love them, I can't wait to see the actual video :)

    Oh here, your Fusion photos need to get put up ;)
    xoxo <3

  • Josh Matee

    Nm you
    y havnt u been in school misses :L

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